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How to start a mini importation business in Nigeria

Discover how you can start mini importation from China and other countries to Nigeria

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What exactly is a “mini importation business” and how can you start it in Africa Nigeria? With just your phone/laptop, internet, and cash investments less than N500k you can start profiting from this business today,

If this topic interests you then keep reading as the secrets to importing cheap and quality goods to Nigeria from China, and other countries would be revealed to you in this article.

We all know that one/ two persons on our personal contacts list marketing products like laptops, phones, clothing apparel, and more via their WhatsApp status, Instagram, or Facebook.

as long as its not a long bead no problems i’ll view… I am definitely swiping if its a bead?.

Most of these goods are imported into the country at very cheap prices and sold for a very healthy profit here in Nigeria, and other parts of Africa.

How The Business Runs Between The 60-90’s…

Before The Nigerian Commerce industry adopted Internet technologies, Businesses were completely done hand to hand. Importation business was difficult to embark on by the average Nigerian, except you’re rich enough to own a yacht.

Mini importation business

Even banks were not willing to help the situation because they wouldn’t give you loans to fund it if you don’t have huge collateral like a land or house.

Like Forex, this business line was only available to high net worth individuals and big banks

But somewhere along the line, something sparked and this spark has leveled the playing field, I am talking about the Internet.

As a result of this, someone like you and I were able to import products from anywhere in the world, reselling them online. Even without seeing the products physically.


Thanks to great minds like “Jeff Bezos” of Amazon and “Jack Ma” of AliExpress for building global platforms that open the world’s economy on your palm.

Mini importation business. It simply buying and selling. You buy a product at a very low price and sell it as high as possible. But this time around we won’t be going around the usual way. what most people think about “importation” is a picture of a large cargo on a big ship taking forever to come to you. 

The Mini Importation business model is simply buying and selling. You buy a product at a very low price and sell it as high as possible

Or you probably need a huge amount of money like hundreds of thousands or millions to get started! You will be surprised that with as less than 500 thousand nairas{500k} you can start the business and make huge profits.

How does the process work?

mini importation business

We’ll be using the power of the internet, whereas, in this case, it even possible for you not to see the product you are importing and yet still sells it all and make your profits this is called Dropshipping.

Who Can Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria?

There is nobody in particular, that can’t do this kind of business, so far you meet the requirements, these set of people can start mini importation business in Africa (Nigeria) but not limited to. They include:

  • Undergraduates of higher institutions
  •  Fresh Graduates
  •  Unemployed citizens
  •  People looking for extra means of income
  •  People that will like to start their own business
  •  Stay at home Mum or Dad
  •  Looking for a mobile business (Office not required)
  •  Retiree
  •  Pensioners
  •  Employed citizens looking for additional income etc.

Like I said the list is not limited to that, anybody with the zeal to make more money can benefit from this business method If you can have access to the following, then you are good to go. They are the basic necessity for running this kind of business without them you can do nothing. But don’t panic yet they things you actually can’t do without.

Sourcing for the Right Products and where to buy them

Now that you’ve decided that you want to start mini importation business you need to know where and how to buy or order your products.

The first website I recommend when sourcing and buying your products is Its a 100% Chinese website designed for retailers is hands down the best website to source for cheap products from china, the website is written in Chinese but you can translate it to English using “Google translate plugin” or simply use a chrome browser to visit google would automatically translate it for you

1688 mini importation

How to import your products into Nigeria

As you may already tell most of the websites listed above do not ship products directly to Nigeria, so how do you import the products into Nigeria?

The answer is to use a third-party logistics company that would help with the shipping and procurement of the products you want to buy.

the leading companies for this in Nigeria are Spreadit and Chrisvicmall all you have to do is

  1. Visit either chrisvicmall or Spreadit
  2. Register and Sign up for an account
  3. Copy the link of the products you wish to procure from
  4. Paste link in the provided section on your chosen logistic company
  5. Fill out other details & Make your payment.
This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

compare the prices of this smartwatch on a Jumia vs

JUMIA PRICE for 1 fitness bracelet Bluetooth smartwatch

1 Smartwatch Price on Jumia ng price: N2400 + (delivery from abroad) N5000 total
= N7400

1688 PRICE: 2 fitness bracelet Bluetooth smart watch

The exact Same Smartwatch Price on is at most 22 yuan for a pair as at the time of writing this article the yuan to naira exchange rate is 1yuan =N55.7

i.e assuming you order for a pair at least that is {2×22=44 yuan}

44×55.7= N2454.32 for two of these!

As a business-oriented individual, you should already be able to see the massive opportunities available to you in this business.

Other websites on the list include...

AliExpress – this is the biggest product retail website in China. On this website, you can rest assured of buying your product at a normal price and still make some profits. – this is another big retail product market online in china where you can easily ship your products from Asia. To visit Dhgate click the link on your browser or click the previous link. – if you noticed, I described AliExpress and Dhgate as a retail market that is, they themselves buy the product to resell it.

 But Alibaba on its own is a different package entirely. It’s a wholesalers market that’s big and small-scale retailers come to, in other to source for their products.

 What you’ll need to start mini importation in Nigeria

1. Good Internet Access: This is actually the most important part of this business, without the internet or access to the internet you won’t be able to benefit from the mini importation business. But that shouldn’t be your problem because technology is actually more advanced in many parts of Africa including Nigeria. Internet is everywhere except you are staying under the rock or something.

2. Payment Gateway
This is actually another crucial part of this business that used to be a barrier but not anymore. For you to successfully order your products you need to have a valid internet means of payment are chances are you already have. So far you have your regular ATM cards, Visa, MasterCard, Dollar Cards, etc. chances are you can easily buy your products online easily.

3. A Valid Delivery Address
This is especially important for students and Corp members. You will need a valid address to receive your product in school or your PPA since you are not at home. If can get a valid address good! Another means is to use the post office if it’s not too far from your location. This is actually important for everybody that will be using the Post Office make sure you win them over by giving them tips. This way they will monitor your goods and give you a ring whenever yours is being delivered. That’s it!

If you have access to the above requirement then we can get started. I’ll assume you already did. So dive into it!

Before you begin your journey. I want to reassure you that you can do this. The problem with to most people is that they think they have to be “perfect” before taking action… not true, the reality is we tend to forget that great people actually started from nothing, and there was a process of action taking from there part even well before they started get results!..

My advise? Don’t try to be perfect, take actions now. Immediately you finish this article just take your first step.

As of the time, of writing this article less than 20% of Nigerians shop online and recent research shows that over 75% of Nigerians will be online shoppers by 2025. You can meet the high demands for products by starting this kind of small-scale business now can be one of the biggest steps you make this year.

Mini Importation In Nigeria

Note: this is very important don’t start big always start small. The first products you will ever order should be your testing product. From that, you can increase your stock and grow bigger from that.

Thank you for reading we hope this post has been helpful by providing you with the basic information on how to go about Mini importation in Nigeria.

However, if you are really serious about this business, I suggest you become really deliberate about it.

We have put together a FREE ebook that teaches you how to run a Successful Mini importation and eCommerce business that has the potential to generate 1Million Naira residual income monthly.

What you’ll learn.

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  • Where to Buy at the best price- How to get the best quality product at a very low price.
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