what is wealthy affiliate?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate all about?-the most in-depth review (2020)

You probably might have come across various content trying to promote this thing called wealthy affiliate to you and have been asking yourself what is a wealthy affiliate? , welcome to the most in-depth and honest no B.S review of Wealthy Affiliate at the end of this post you’ll have an all-round understanding on what wealthy affiliate is all about, and decide for yourself if you can really benefit from it, and our personal rating of the program.

What is wealthy affiliate?

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Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels, which means there is something for you even if you are a complete newbie or a successful affiliate marketer. The platform is something like an all in one pack for starting your affiliate marketing business and it is divided into three major segments

  • Training- (online entrepreneurship certification/ affiliate Bootcamp ) The course would teach you how to start and make money with a website in any niche of your choice. It consists of 5 sections and 50 lessons in total the Bootcamp consist of 7 sections and 70 pieces of training.
  • A website design platform- Wealthy Affiliate offers a website platform called SiteRubix, which allows you to create a WordPress website on a free subdomain. There are over 3000 website design templates to choose from, which makes it easy for someone with no experience whatsoever in building a website to work with.
  • Community Support- This, in my opinion, is the biggest selling point of Wealthy Affiliate, here you will find the largest internet marketing community in the world, in all the community is a great place to receive help and network with other online entrepreneurs building their business.

The platform is packed with a whole lot of other features like an SEO and keyword research tool Jaxy, over 2000 affiliate marketing programs, web-hosting services, content manager, Domain registration, website comments/feedback, and many more

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What Wealthy Affiliate is not

Hopefully, by now you already have the answer to “what is Wealthy affiliate?” so you know what it is already now its time for you to know what it’s not so you can evade scams and marketers that want you to part away with your money without getting value, so here goes DO NOT BE DECEIVED IT IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!

Who is it for?

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Only consider wealthy affiliate if you are actually serious about getting proper training in affiliate marketing.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?
  • Startup businesses looking for a marketing plan that works
  • Growing businesses looking to expand their marketing plan
  • Individuals who want to promote a product, service, or message online
  • It’s perfect for entrepreneurs because they are able to get a free domain name or purchase a website, host their website, and receive internet marketing training to start or grow their businesses online.
  • Those who want to learn internet marketing
  • Those who want to make money online
  • Those who want to make an additional stream of income
  • Those who could use the support of a highly engaged and positive community

They do not teach anything like a magic formula that rakes in thousands of dollars monthly into your account like “fake Gurus” do, if you are not committed to learning and have enough implementation capacity, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Wealthy Affiliate is not just for you, go check out other options- simple online business model

If you are still reading however…

its either because you are simply curious about wealthy affiliate or you would like to really get deep into affiliate marketing full time or part-time.

They do not teach anything you cant to find on the web by yourself with proper research the main advantage of signing up regardless is the step by step training and support from the community whenever you get stuck( because you might initially).

The platform also has integrated website design platforms(SiteRubix) that make it easy for even a complete novice to build a website with a few clicks and additionally they manage all of this for you with their quite impressive hosting and technical support, so you my friend don’t have to deal with anything too technical (in website design) to comprehend.

Another important tool that is available at your disposal if you sign up is Jaxy.. a highly efficient keyword/SEO tool. Branded as “the only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers“, it allows you to find keyword traffic data, uncover new niches, and spy on the competition.

Below is a table of all the services you’ll be getting for both Starter and Premium plans if you decide to join today.

what is wealthy affiliate

How to sign up?

Okay so at this point you should have probably decided if this is something for you, the process to sign up is pretty simple they even have a free 14 days trial with no credit card registration click on the link below to start your trial now,

what is Wealthy Affiliate

You can signup from wherever you are on the globe for free, asides from countries like Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, and India which were banned from signing up to the free starter membership because of the high rate of scammers and fraud if you live in any of these listed countries you are allowed to sign up only for a premium membership, however, if you live in Nigeria I’m sorry but you wouldn’t be able to sign up to a member at all? and what is wealthy affiliate’s reasons for this? well, I do not know all I can say is they are only trying to make the community a safe and secure platform for their members.

If you live in Nigeria there is a way around this, leave a message in the comment below if you are interested

our thoughts/ratings of wealthy affiliate.

Training– the entrepreneurship certification and affiliate Bootcamp comprises some outdated SEO strategies but made up for it in weekly webinars- rated 7/10

Website/ hosting quality– their hosting is pretty impressive, its only downside is that you have to subscribe for a premium membership account to full features which is about $49 monthly after your initial one month discount of $19 when your 7 days trial expires- rated 9/10

Support– this is, in my opinion, is the strength of wealthy affiliate, you can get support easily which can make the process of being a digital entrepreneur more enjoyable.-10/10


Although I no longer actively promote their products, they are still one of the best affiliate marketing program you’ll find online, I also recommend them if you would like to do a deep dive into affiliate marketing. I hope i have been able to answer your question about “what is wealthy affiliate?”

If you have any questions related to “what is wealthy affiliate” and how you can join kindly indicate in the comment section below.

what is wealthy affiliate

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