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get rich quick

Get rich quick!

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We receive this message so often blasted to us every day in our mails, SMS and various other advertising channels, too many that we might have lost count so much so that we have become numb to it.

I hate to burst your bubble but there is no such thing as “get rich quick”. That’s not to say that a few people would be lucky and win the lottery or inherit a huge amount of money, however, the wealth we are talking about is none of that.

So how do you actually get rich quick? my answer would be, count your blessings. I can almost hear you say ” what? but I do not have blessings to count” oops! Think again! Everybody can find some blessings if they look more closely.


Love is a deep sense of wishing the very best for those closest to you, and also knowing they wish the same for you, the love of your family, friends it is the one true cord that bonds us all, your love for humanity, nature and everything life itself. This feeling, that many call ‘love’ is the fountain from which all other blessings flow.

Your job, vocation or profession

Even though there may be days you dread the clamour of the alarm clock, and you drag yourself out of bed to face another day of problems to solve and people that try your patience it is, after all, a blessing.

Many people do not have even a job, much less a vocation or profession. Look beyond the rude people and problems and see them as an opportunity to make a difference in some way. You may not change those rude people into mild-mannered, gentle people but you can change you and how you react to them.

Use this an opportunity to practice patience and tolerance and perhaps these people will recognize this seed and plant it within themselves also.

You are still in the game

Life is game, some people have mastered the craft, others are still learning how to work the console, while others are completely out of the game as-in game-over dead and gone.

The fact that you are alive right now and privileged enough to have the intellectual prowess to read this article is a blessing already, you are way ahead of people that cannot process this kind of information talk more of having access to the internet.

you are still in the game, you have another opportunity to really pursue your dreams as long as you alive in good health then you are still in the game, you might take it for granted but it should be counted as a blessing regardless. Keep your cool and stack efforts every day it all adds up.

Day by day in every way you are getting better

“Day by day in every way I am getting better and better.” This quote was made famous by the French hypnotist Emile Coue’. This is a wonderful quote to keep in mind when you find yourself slipping into a morass of negative thinking.

Our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for being. It is truly amazing that our subconscious mind will grab on to just one negative thought and refuse to let it go, whereas it may take several times (or several hundred) positive thoughts to reprogram that thought, but it will happen with perseverance.

So, the next time you are feeling low self-esteem and getting ready to throw yourself a pity-party, just remember you can always pick your self up. Get Rich Quick! Count Your Blessings!

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